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I love to be appreciated

I love to be appreciated.

I love when someone thanks me and appreciates the work that I do. It feels good. It feels right. It confirms the fact that what I do is making an impact in the lives of another.

Appreciation drives me to continue to do what I do, to do better and more than before.

I love to be appreciated!


I love to praise others

I love to praise others.

I love when someone has done something well and I have the opportunity to thank them. I enjoy doing it because it is uplifting for the person receiving the praise and for me, too.

I enjoy being thanked and feel that praising others would give them the same feeling. The best part is that it costs nothing.

Quick verbal praise or a quick email with words of gratitude cost nothing, but they can have a great positive effect on the person receiving the praise. It can make them feel happier and by extension make others happier when they interact with the receiver of praise.

I love the positive rippling effect!

I love to praise others!