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I love to run half-marathons

I love to run half-marathons.

Just to be clear, a half-marathon is 21 kilometers (13.1 miles) long. The full marathon is twice as much.

I really enjoy running in half-marathon races because it seems to be just the right distance to go without needing to eat anything.

I did my very first half-marathon in Panama with a time of 2:40 (2 hours and 30 minutes). It was pretty slow but the important thing is that I got it done.

I gradually improved as I was also losing weight and was able to do my fastest time a 3 or so years ago. I ran it in 1:40.

Since that time, I’ve gained some weight again and I am up to 2 hours again. I still have a lot of life in me and as I get to the big 4-0, I plan to beat my personal best.

I eventually want to break 1:30.

It’s entirely doable and it will happen! 🙂

I love to run half-marathons!


I love to run in races

I love to run in races.

I love the thrill of competition. It gives me the extra motivation to try a little harder. I love the camaraderie, too!

I love to run in races!