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I love to walk along the street in the middle of the day

I love to walk along the street in the middle of the day.

I had lunch with former colleagues of mine today. (Always an enjoyable time.)

My wife dropped me off at the place so after lunch instead of waiting for her to pick me up, I started walking. There was a place we wanted to go about a mile or so away so I called her to tell her that I would meet her there.

It was warm but pleasant. The sun was out but it was not inferno hot as the usual Florida sun is. It was manageable. The wind was blowing so that helped as well. I also helped a cool Arnold Palmer (sweet tea/lemonade) drink so that I may refresh when needed.

I enjoyed the walk because it was dichotomous to see that there many cars on the street yet I was alone on the sidewalk walking to my destination. I saw one lone person on the way there. He was an older gentleman out for his daily walk it seemed. I greeted him in passing and we continued on our merry ways.

I enjoyed taking things in a little as well, things that I would take for granted if I was in a car. I snapped a few pictures of interesting things: a flower bed that was blooming that I would have probably never stopped to look at and a power line from a different perspective (pictured above).

I need to remember to do this more often.

I love to walk along the street in the middle of the day!walk-outside-and-contemplate-how-amazing-life-is

I love to go to the park

I love to go to the park.swan-chicks

I love to walk around the park with my family. I love to see animals in the park. I love to take pictures in the park of animals and my family, too.

I enjoy the fresh air and the smell of trees and grass. I love to see others enjoying it too.

I love when there are events at the park, especially when there are local artists and food vendors. I love to support them.

I love to run in parks. I love to see others running in parks, riding their bikes and enjoying themselves.

I love to go to the park!