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I love to connect with international recruiters

I love to connect with international recruiters.

We are going on holiday/vacation overseas soon and I’ve started contacting recruiters at our destination just to get an idea of the opportunities that are available there.

It is interesting┬áto see (and positive for me) that technology professionals are needed everywhere. It gives me hope that we may one day in the very near future be relocating overseas (again ­čÖé ).

I enjoy asking them questions as long as they can bear my queries. I plan to meet at least a few when we are overseas to get a good idea while on the ground of what the technology environment is like.

There is much information out on the Internet so chatting with an actual person makes it easier to cull through. The key is to try to connect with several people because many people may not have the time to respond to my queries. It takes a little extra effort but it is worth it.

I love to connect with international recruiters!