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I love to personally connect with interviewers

I love to personally connect with interviewers.

I enjoy when they touch on interesting personal facts about themselves. I get to learn a little more about them and what makes them tick. It helps me frame forthcoming answers better.

This also gives me an opportunity to share some personal tidbits about myself so that they can get to know me a little better and understand my way of thinking.

It’s about the personality connection. It is more likely that someone will work well with someone they seem to like as a person. I try to find likable traits in others and in turn, I think I become more likable as well.

This does not mean that I will like everyone and everyone will like me, but when it happens, all the better!

I love to personally connect with interviewers!


I love to connect people

I love to connect people.

I love to meet new people. I love to see opportunities to connect the new people I meet to others I already know. No strings attached.

I love to see when people I introduce meet independently and even better when they are able to help each other in some way. I find that fulfilling.

I love the feeling and will continue to do it as much as possible.

I love to connect people!