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I love my past experience in the US Army

22 years ago today, Feb 2, I joined the Army. I look back and have no regrets for making that decision. I learned so much, met several lifelong friends and met my wife because of this decision.

Little did I know at the time that I joined that the Army experience would be extremely valuable for everything else I was to do in the future.

Thank you for the opportunity! I would definitely do it again.

I love my Army buddies

I love my Army buddies.

This past weekend, on my son’s birthday actually, I had the opportunity to have lunch with one of my first supervisor’s in the Army (and part of her family) while I was stationed in Corozal, Panama at 56th Signal Battalion.

She holds a special place in our hearts because she took my wife into her home when my wife was pregnant with my son (our first born) and I was in PLDC (Primary Leadership Development Course) training in Kentucky in preparation to become a sergeant at the time.

My supervisor practically ordered my wife to stay with her and I am glad she did.

No matter how many years have past, there will always be a special bond with my Army family.

I love my Army buddies!