Every. Day.

Since August 26, 2016: I have been doing at least 25 push-ups. Every. Single. Day. (I post all of my push-up challenge videos on YoutTube.) Since August 29, 2017, I started doing 30 push-ups on video and 20 more off camera for a total of 50.

Since December 2014: I have been practicing a foreign language using Duolingo. Every. Single. Day. (Yes, I understand I may not gain fluency just by using Duolingo, but I can happily say that I am able to understand much more written German, French, Italian, Portuguese and others on a more limited basis. My current streak is approaching 900 days. I lost my original streak of over 500 days because I did not do enough daily points to qualify, but I had done lessons that day.)

Since January 1, 2012: I have been running at least 1 kilometer. Every. Single. Day. (Oftentimes barefoot.)

Games: Clash of Clans  (level 10 Town Hall, level 6 Builder Hall); Pokemon Go (level 33)

September 4, 2017

  • Isis had a friend over for the weekend. Glad she is making deeper connections.
  • Today is Labor Day.
  • Ate at PDQ.
  • Slept a lot.
  • Need to prepare for a toastmasters speech on Tuesday.
  • Played soccer on Saturday and Sunday. Scored a goal on Sunday.
  • Been doing 100 push-ups for a few days now. Will continue.

August 31, 2017

  • Gave speech titled “The Best Damn Race” for the humorous speech contest and also participated in the evaluation contest

August 29-30, 2017

  • Played recreational soccer Tue and Wed.
  • Prepared for TM humorous speech contest with a speech title: The Best Damn Race
  • Took wife to appt.

August 26, 2017

  • Played recreational soccer in the morning. Had 2 assists. Someone mentioned that I was the de facto captain because I was barking out orders while playing goalie for a bit.
  • Did first day of second year of at least 25 push-ups per day.

August 25, 2017

  • Just completed day 365 of my push-up challenge.
  • Had a great conversation this afternoon. More details when the time is right…
  • Developing an encryption utility using jasypt to encrypt properties values in a properties file.
  • Thinking about creating an interactive Alexa Skill. I already have a basic skill published, Buffettisms.
  • Put my name in as a contestant for our Toastmasters club humorous speech contest. We are the Articulators. (I actually found out about as I was researching strategies for a humorous speech and came across John Zimmer’s Anatomy of a Humorous Speech and his now page.)


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