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Why not Seth? Do it!

Maybe that’s the change we need.

If I were crazy enough to be running, I’d organize my own debate, challenging one or two of my competitors to an hour-long conversation, and then post it online. Even better, I’d challenge one of the candidates from the other party and have a substantive conversation. Bernie Sanders debating [pick your candidate]. It elevates both sides because each person had the guts to address the issues, to go head to head, to speak up and make a case.

Seth’s Blog: Fear of public speaking

Start by practicing your speech to cat or a dog. They won’t judge you.

Well, the cat may walk away but then again they’ll walk away from you if they don’t need you at the moment…

Generosity makes you happy. Happy people are more likely to be successful.

for sure.


via Seth’s Blog: The generosity boomerang.