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I love to visit art festivals

I love to visit art festivals.

My oldest daughter is always finding activities for us to do. This weekend she found an art festival.

I’m always open to going to festivals, especially if they are free. (This was one of them.) This particular one was in downtown Orlando. One of the main streets was even closed for the event.

There were many performers including dancers, a band and a full orchestra and other artists with creative ideas that are not as easily categorized. For example, ventriloquists, small art studios in the back of medium size moving trucks and an old school open air chat room.

Overall, it was very enjoyable. The event was held in the early evening so the cool autumn breeze weaving through the streets of downtown Orlando made for a very pleasant experience.

I love to visit art festivals!


I love Ubuntu

I love Ubuntu.

Ubuntu is African term defined in Wikipedia as roughly translating to: human kindness.

I have been listening to Ubuntu!: An Inspiring Story About an African Tradition of Teamwork and Collaboration and it reinforces what I have already been practicing in a story format. I’ve listened to it in the car with the family and Ana has even gotten into the story.

I love being kind and I love it when others express kindness, too. Imagine a world where more people are kinder to each other. What a world that would be!

Some people may see this as overwhelming because they may think: how can I change the entire world?

My answer is: You don’t. You change what you can control: Yourself!

By being kind and considerate you affect others in a positive manner and they in turn will do the same to others. Think of the immediate impact that you could have in your own family and your workplace.

That’s how I’m doing it and that’s how you can make your contribution to change the world, too!

I love Ubuntu!



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I love to reconnect with old friends

I love to reconnect with old friends.

I love to connect with old friends (from elementary to high school), if not in in person, then at least online. I love to see their smiling faces and general signs of happiness.

I love that they are doing well for themselves and love to see their pictures with their immediate families.

I love to reconnect with old friends!


I love to organize networking lunches

I love to organize networking lunches.

I love to invite everyone in the office and see who accepts and declines the invitation. I love to see the names of new people that have accepted my invitation and make a mental note of who I would like to meet at the lunch.

I love to receive reply emails from previous attendees saying that they are not available but to keep them posted of future events. It shows that they value the events. I love that.

At the lunch, I love the energy. I love the interactions between people who have never met before. I love to see people asking genuine questions of others and showing interest in others.

Naturally, I love to participate as well especially since I love to meet new people. I always feel energized.

I love to organize networking lunches!

I love when someone introduces themselves to me

I love when someone introduces themselves to me.

I love to meet new people so this is perfect for me. I know that for many people (including me) it takes courage to introduce themselves to another person. I appreciate that.

I do try to make it easy for others by generally smiling at everyone and greeting anyone that looks at me. I like to make myself as approachable as possible to allow these types of interactions. It is still a rare occasion so I am happy to experience it when someone does introduce themselves to me.

I love when someone introduces themselves to me!

I love to get to know others personally

I love to get to know others personally.

I love to know what drives others. I love to know about their passions. I love to know where they come from and where they want to go.

I love when they share details about their family. I get a real appreciation for them. I get to understand them better and can relate with them at a deeper level.

I love to get to know others personally!

I love to have lunch with individual colleagues

I love to have lunch with individual colleagues.

I love the chatting with them. Understanding more about them on a more personal level. I love to find out about their passions, their interests, and what drives them.

I love to hear their story, where they came from, and how they got to where they are. I enjoy getting a deeper level of understanding about them. It’s something that you normally only get when speaking to someone one on one.

I enjoy building that trust. I love that they consider sharing things with me that they would not tell others.

I love to have lunch with individual colleagues!