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Mai Kai Restaurant & Polynesian Show review

I also posted this on Yelp.


To sum it up:
The show, gardens and decor were good.

The service was ok.

The food was very average or slightly below average. (Self-parking for $5???)

I decided to surprise my wife with a pre-Valentine’s day dinner and show. (We went on Thursday, Feb 13.) It was easy to get to and we got there about 15 minutes after 9pm. (When I called, the girl had said to get there by 9pm. I wonder if that would have made a difference. You’ll know in a moment.)

So we got to the parking and saw there was valet for $10. No thanks, we thought… But wait, we also have to pay to park ourselves… Bummer… but we weren’t going to drive back home after taking more than half hour to get there. Oh well, there goes a $5 I could have used in the coin-operated teddy bear machines…

So we park. Had to find a place were there weren’t little lakes. (Maybe the parking area could use some drainage…)

We walk in. The decor looks unique. Cool as far as we could see (because it was dark). I wondered where the show was… Anyway, I gave my name for the reservation and they guided us to our table. Along the way the girl guide, hostess, maitre d’ told us to watch our step twice (probably because it was too dark). Then I noticed the stage and noticed that we were going in the opposite direction of the stage.

Great… Nosebleed seats… (Maybe we should have gotten there earlier. Maybe the girl on the phone could have told us specifically to be closer to the show, arrive early. I guess I’m asking for too much…)

At least we weren’t behind a column I guess. Or next to the toilets… Well at least the restroom decor looked cool. I didn’t take a pic in there because I didn’t want the gentleman handing out little towels in the bathroom to think that I was weird. (He would have been right in that regard anyway.) Oh yeah, make sure you bring a $1 to tip the guy. He has change, don’t worry.

But I digress, I was enjoying my company, my lovely wife, even though I could barely see her. (Did I mention it was dark?)

The hostess had given us the drink menus and we looked them over with phone in hand as a flashlight. We don’t drink, but we decided to get something.

But the waitress was MIA. I finally asked a waitress in training for help. She told another waiter, but he didn’t do anything. So I asked a “Captain” (one of those people that were wearing full white suits) for a food menu. He finally brought it out and brother, it was pricey, but what the hey. It’s a special occasion.

We ordered a couple of drinks and appetizers. I had read on Yelp that the Pupu platter was good so we tried that. It was disappointing. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

A waitress finally came to our attention after we had placed our order with the Captain and she excused her and was courteous. That was ok, but a comp would have been even better.

The drinks came first. My wife said she liked her virgin drink. Mine was very sweet so I watered it down to the point where I practically had two drinks for the price of one.

The appetizers, the Pupu platter and lobster cream soup (or something to that) came along. The lobster cream was lukewarm with shavings of what appeared to be lobster. (Couldn’t really tell since it was dark.) The pupu platter was Meh.

We ordered a seafood combo entree (one for both of us) and waited.

After what seemed like a while, it came out. I don’t remember if the food came out before the show started or after. But the show started at 9:45pm. It was scheduled to start at 10pm. I would have been upset if I were there mainly for the show and I got there close to 10pm to find that the show had already started.

As it was, for us, it was ok that the show started a little earlier.

Back to the food, it looked good (as far as I could see). It tasted ok. The sauce was a bit salty. Oh well…

Back to the show. We liked It. I just wish we could have seen it from closer.

So we finished the food and finished watching the show. It lasted about 45 minutes.

We got the bill and noticed that the show price was already included and that they were marking a suggested tip based on the total price including the show. (About $13-$15 each.)

I also noticed no comps for their tardiness. oh well… :'(

After paying, we went to the gardens and they looked very nice. It’s probably something you could appreciate better during the day.

Overall, the experience was memorable because I shared it with my wife and because of the show. Other than that, the garden and decor was good.

Would I do it again? Probably not.