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I love to visit corn mazes

I love to visit corn mazes.

The family and I visited a corn maze for the first time this weekend. We had seen movies where we had a vision of what a large field of corn looks like. We were expected something big.

It wasn’t but it was still a new experience that we are sure to repeat again.

I found it enjoyable walking through an area where you are not able to see above the corn. We also separated ways and found ourselves again.

The entire farm where the corn maze was located was a different experience from what we are used to since we are mainly city dwellers. It was worth the trip to just enjoy fresh air and the outdoors a little more.

I love to visit corn mazes!

I love to walk by the water as the sun sets

I love to walk by the water as the sun sets.

I love the calmness of being next to the water and the serenity of the sunset. It’s fabulous to experience two of nature’s works of art at once.

I especially enjoy walking next to the water at sunset with my family. We enjoy a nice walk while we chat or play games.

I also love to take pictures so this gives me an excellent opportunity to let out my inner photographer.

I love to walk by the water as the sun sets!

I love to save turtles

I love to save turtles.

Today as we were returning from the gym and we were nearing home, my wife saw a turtle by the side of the street. She told me about it and I told her we needed to stop and move the turtle.

It looked like it was attempting to cross the street. I am very glad that she saw it in time because the turtle was right at the edge of the street. If it would have attempted to cross the street, it would have certainly meant death.

I grabbed the turtle by the shell. It was naturally scared so it attempted to urinate on me or so it seemed.

I carried it across the street and found a good place for it away from the street. It was still in its shell when we left. I imagine it waited a few minutes before it went on its merry way preferably away from the street.

It wasn’t the first time that I’ve carried a turtle across the street and I’m sure it won’t be the last. I don’t mind though. They have a right to live.

I love to save turtles!


I love to see wildlife around our house

I love to see wildlife around our house.

Around our house, we have the privilege of seeing various wildlife including birds, lizards, snakes, frogs, raccoons, armadillos, possums and many kinds of insects. Our neighborhood has become their natural habitat since the houses were built in their forest.

I enjoy seeing them scurry around and and try to snap a picture if they hang around a little bit.

I am glad that we can share the space.

I love to see wildlife around our house!


I love sunrises

I love sunrises.

I love nature so it’s only natural that I love sunrises.

There’s something special about the sun rising in the morning. The orange and yellow blend peeking over the horizon making its way higher into the sky.

The sun waking as one does, slowly but surely. Stretching its rays across the sky, getting ready to shine brightly through the day.

How awesome a sight to see!

I love sunrises!


I love to take pictures when the sun is setting

I love to take pictures when the sun is setting.

I love the glow of the sun on the clouds and the sky.
How it looks as if it’s slowly whispering to everyone a sad goodbye.
The natural and beautiful orange color in the sky.
I will forever love till the day I die.

I love to take pictures when the sun is setting!


I love to go to the beach

I love to go to the beach.

I love the sand. I love to run in sand and feel the sand between my toes.

I love to dig in the sand and make holes and miniature sand castles.

I love to play in the water with my family. I love the waves and love it when the waves crash on us. I love to try to ride the waves if they are big enough.

I love the sound of the ocean.

I love the ocean breeze and the cool water. I love to float in the water, look up at the sky and observe the clouds passing by.

I love the warmth of the sun.

I love seeing the horizon where the water meets the sky. I love seeing the sunset. I love how the sky changes colors as the sun sets. Its natural beauty! Calm and peaceful.

I love to go to the beach!

I love the sunset

I love the sunset.

I love to watch the sunset in person. I love when the daylight starts fading away and darkness starts settling in.


I love the sunset!

I love to play in rivers

I love to play in rivers.


I love the clear, fresh water. I love to splash around with my kids in the water and play water games like Marco Polo, monkey in the middle and tag.

I love the initial cold of the water when I put my foot in. I love jumping in all at once and feeling the cold rush and then getting used to it.

I love the natural surroundings, the grass, the trees, the rocks, the animals, and the sounds.

I love to play in rivers!

I love to feel the wind with my hand as I drive in the highway with the window open

I love to feel the wind with my hand as I drive in the highway with the window open.

I love to feel the power of the wind on my hand. I love to make the motion of a worm and feel the wind automatically pushing my hand up and down.

I love to feel the wind between my fingers. It’s liberating in a sense. It’s a natural hand dryer.

It feels pure.

I love to feel the wind with my hand as I drive in the highway with the window open!