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Kids growing up and parents trying to raise them right

It’s interesting that when a child is born, parents are in control of everything related to the child, from when to eat, when to use the bathroom and even who to talk to. 

However, as the child grows, many parents slowly start losing full control of their child’s life. 

It’s bittersweet because parents want to mold their child into the most perfect kid, but they also want to see the kids grow up to be responsible human beings. 

I started thinking about this because I would love to be listening to my teen and preteen girls in school. I would love to see how they interact with other kids, to see if what my wife and I teach them is actually working. 

Alas, I understand that I may never be able to listen in. 

Time will tell if what we taught them sticks. 

In the meantime, I will continue to imagine myself as a fly on the wall hearing the imaginary dialogue my daughters might have. 

I love when my kids receive awards

What parent doesn’t?

I enjoy having my children recognized. It fills them with joy (even if they sometimes don’t show it) and it makes me feel wonderful.

Of course I’m happy for them.

Further, I am happy for myself (and my wife, naturally). We must be doing something right. 🙂

Even though our children shouldn’t necessarily be so, they are our extension, our legacy.

If nothing else, they are what we leave behind after we are gone.

I’m proud of that.

Isis on the Panama Runners website

That’s her in the picture in the center. The little girl on the left. 🙂

This picture is probably from 2010 at a track race at the Rommel Fernandez stadium in Panama City, Panama.


Image captured January 29, 2016.

I love to go trick or treating with my family

I love to go trick or treating with my family.

I enjoy walking around with the kids and seeing other kids and their families enjoying the night. To me, it is really enjoying some time together and seeing others enjoying themselves as well.

I love to go trick or treating with my family!

I love when my daughter makes me breakfast

I love when my daughter makes me breakfast.

My youngest wants to be a chef when she gets older. So she likes to practice on occasion.

I am happy to be her guinea pig. I love that she practices and I love to taste the food she makes.

Every time she cooks, she gets better. It’s a win win situation all around.

I love when my daughter makes me breakfast!

I love the anticipation of an upcoming trip

I love the anticipation of an upcoming trip.

We (the entire family) are going overseas in a month for about three weeks. Needless to say, we are excited.

We are going to at least a couple of countries that we have not been to before, including Denmark and The Netherlands, and also visiting northern Germany. (We have been to western and southern Germany.)

The kids, my wife and I are checking the average temperature, thinking about how long we should stay in a few of the cities, thinking about the nice long 8 hour flight out and how we are planning to sustain ourselves with the minimal clothes we plan to take.

It is enjoyable to think about and of course, plan ahead. But not too much planning. We enjoy being spontaneous even though it can be stressful at times.

That’s half the fun!

I love the anticipation of an upcoming trip!


I love to talk to share childhood stories with my family

I love to talk to share childhood stories with my family.

We often enjoy dinner together and occasionally the girls start talking about school and related topics and my wife and I end up talking about our childhood.

I must admit that my wife is an excellent storyteller. I am unable to compare to her, but I still share my stories when I have them to remember.

The kids are usually interested in listening so I happily oblige. My wife patiently listens as well even though she has probably heard my stories a few dozen times.

I wish remembered more stories to tell. Maybe I should ask my mom. I’m sure she’d be happy to share.

I love to talk to share childhood stories with my family!