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I love to sweat

When I’m dripping with sweat, I feel bad ass.


I love to sweat.

This isn’t sweat, it’s liquid awesome!

I love to feel the first drop of sweat going down my face as I’m running or training. It means I’m working. I’m pushing myself a little harder.

Good things come to those who sweat.
No one has ever drowned in sweat. -Lou Holtz
Sweat is magic. Cover yourself in it daily to grant your wishes.


I love to wipe the sweat off of my eyebrows as the sweat starts to build up and get heavier.

I love to feel the first drop falling off my nose and onto the ground.

I love it when I stop running or training and I am dripping. It feels great because I know I have trained my body well.

You see sweat. I see a sexy glow.

I love to sweat!

I love to run barefoot

I love to run barefoot.

This is not news to some: I really enjoy barefooting.

I realized during my run today that it was actually 5 years ago in March (March 30, 2010 to be exact) that I started running barefoot. Here’s the link to my DailyMile post where I described my experience:

Time has flown. It has been an awesome 5 years of barefoot running. I won’t stop. I love the feel of the air on the top of my feet.

I love to feel the air between my toes. I love to feel the ground directly with my feet, even though most of the time I am running on asphalt or cement.

I love to feel leaves under my feet and water on my feet when I run through puddles after a recent rain.

I love that I have improved my running form and strengthened my legs because I barefoot.

I love how strong my feel and legs have become.

I love to run races barefoot and answer people’s questions about barefooting.

I love that all of my personal running records were set while being barefoot.

It’s awesome.

I love to run barefoot!


that’s me barefoot racing a few years ago


I love to run

I love to run.

I love running outside and feeling the wind in my face. I love hearing everything around me, the leaves rustling on the ground as I pass by, the breeze in my ears, and the trees moving their branches.

I love running in the rain. I love getting completely drenched when running and splashing through puddles.

I enjoy sweating and feeling my heart pounding. I also love to run easy and relaxed and take it all in.

I love running races, looking at people run and having people look at me run. I enjoy the friendly competition of someone being ahead of me and me trying to catch to them. Having them pull away as they feel or see me coming and being able to pass them. Or oftentimes, I am not able to pass them and they beat me. That’s OK. It’s a great feeling to know you have tried your best.

I love the feeling of crossing the finish line at races or simply finishing my run. It provides a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

I enjoy running around my neighborhood and work and greeting others runners or people that are outside.

I love the peacefulness of the run. It is a form of meditation. Relaxing. Fulfilling.

I enjoy long runs. I love to count when I run. Yes, I count the steps I take, sometimes just to see how many steps I need to run a mile. I also count my steps to keep a steady cadence, the steps per minute. I like to sing military cadence in my head and parts of songs that have the same beats per minute as the cadence I desire to keep.

I love knowing that I’ve done my body good.

I love to run.

motivation – a response to Peter’s blog post ->When the Problem is You… | Peter Shankman

This is my blog comment to When the Problem is You… by Peter Shankman.

I’ve been at 215 and dropped to 155 and have been there ever since 2010. got the T-Shirt..

I know what’s like to be overweight.

The thing to going down and staying down (and healthy) is the mindset.



I didn’t decide I didn’t want to be overweight anymore. I just decided that I wanted to be more physically active. I started in 2009 by running and was at my current weight more or less in one year.

And this year I added a consecutive days streak.

I’ve run every single day this year. (oftentimes just 1 mile, but the most being 111Km over 24 hours.)


Because I want to.

And now that I have over 300 consecutive days running, I will not stop. I won’t let laziness stop me. No way.

It is true. You make time for what’s important to you. I do it when my kids (and oftentimes my wife) are asleep. I do it at our gym in Panama.

If you want a little extra motivation, sign up for the most expensive  Ironman in 6 months or a half Iron (or marathon) in 3 months. Remember how good it felt to accomplish the first time.

That should give you a jumpstart.

Replying to Ericka’s Blog post about Born to Run

enjoyable post, Ericka!

(I decided to post my reply. Hope you don’t mind. 🙂

To answer your questions:

-Did you read “Born to Run?”
I have not.

-What do you think about barefoot running? I REALLY want to know!
I’ve been running barefoot for 2 years now. Totally enjoyable. I really don’t like having anything on my feet when I run except maybe when running or walking on rocks. But the feeling after walking or jogging on rocks actually is great. Like my feet have just be massaged.


-Did reading this book make you want to do an ultra?
Haven’t read the book, but would love to do more ultras.

-Did you change anything about your running lifestyle after reading it? If so, please explain!
I actually changed my running style through self-experimentation and reading on BFT’s huarache forum. Basically, if it hurts, change something so that it doesn’t hurt. 🙂 Listen to your body…