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I love to learn about successful companies

I love to learn about successful companies.

I love to gain insight from other companies’ experiences and learn what has worked for them and what has not.

I love to read and listen to stories about companies and how they got to where they are.

I love to learn about the leaders that lead these successful organizations. I love to know what they are doing differently from the rest so that I may emulate some of it.

I love to learn about successful companies!


Things great speakers always do

Be personal, speak from experience, feel free to entertain as much as inform, be practical, connect with the audience, and never forget that shorter is always better than too long.

Source: Jeff Haden,

Think about what might go wrong to get the design right

When we think about what might go wrong, we’re more likely to design something that goes right.

Seth Godin

This is true for designing websites and designing watches and cars. The delicate balance is to be able to do it with scope. If you look at




that could go wrong, you’ll never implement.

Know what problem you’re trying to solve and solve it.

Seth’s Blog: Doing the hard things

“How do we do something so difficult that others can’t imagine doing it?” is a fine question to ask today.

You can do hard things!
You can do hard things!

Leave it to Seth to come up with those questions that really make you think. One could say that is even more difficult to answer and even more difficult to put into action.

But if we say that, then we are only limiting ourselves. We think it is more difficult then it becomes more difficult. This is a problem that I often have myself.

So the question I now have is this (that you can also answer for yourselves):

What can I do (or am I interested in doing) that many others can’t imagine doing?

A few of things come to mind:

  1. I like to learn and try to practice at least 5 languages: French, Portuguese, Italian, German and Dutch. (In order of my perceived strength in each.) Why these five? Because these are what Duolingo offers. 🙂 As soon Irish, Danish, Hungarian, Russian, Swedish and more become available, I will work on learning those, too.
  2. I develop software. I know many people can do this, but there’s still a great shortage.
  3. I run barefoot.
  4. I have great physical stamina. If something really interests me, I can endure. I’ve done 24 hour running events for charity and have done back to back training sessions of crossfit, jiu jitsu and a run. I will do an Ironman. I just need to get really interested (and a decent bike and it would help if I could swim better, of course).

Now what I can do with this?

I think that will the subject of a future post. Stay tuned…


Quote and Idea to post from Seth’s Blog: Doing the hard things.

Seth’s Blog: The bottomless pit of pleasing strangers

Don’t try to please all strangers, to some “potential” customers, you will just have to tell them:

“it’s not for you.”

via Seth’s Blog: The bottomless pit of pleasing strangers.

The case for support from Seth’s Blog: Thinking lifetime don’t break the chain

Support is not a cost center, it’s a profit center.

via Seth’s Blog: Thinking lifetime don’t break the chain.

Do you have an idea that no one else believes in? – Ben Horowitz Entrepreneur – Business Insider

“The number one thing we look for in an entrepreneur is the willingness to think for yourself,” Horowitz said. “Do you have an idea? And by nature is that an idea no one else believes?” Those are the kinds of things Horowitz likes to invest in.

via Ben Horowitz Entrepreneur – Business Insider.