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I love to be the Table Topics Master at my Toastmasters meeting

I love to be the Table Topics Master at my Toastmasters meeting.

For those unfamiliar with the table topics segment of Toastmasters, here is a short explanation: The table topics Master creates a series of questions that are presented to the audience at the appropriate time. Only the topic master has prior knowledge of the questions. She or he call and member of the audience that does not have a speaking role and the person answers the question. It’s meant to be spontaneous so that one can practice thinking on one’s feet.

I love being the topics master because I get to ask questions of others. I try to make them think. I enjoy listening to their answers which gives me a little insight into how the person is and their thought processes.

I love to be the Table Topics Master at my Toastmasters meeting!

I love to visit other Toastmasters clubs

I love to visit other Toastmasters clubs.

I love Toastmasters, in general. It’s only natural to enjoy other club’s meetings.

I know how my club works. It is interesting to see how other clubs work. While there are general rules for how meetings are run, each club has their own nuances. Some of the more significant differences are the location, date and time. There are also some subtle differences, for example, if a bell is rung when a speaker says “ah” or “um” as a verbal clutch.

It’s also interesting to meet new people that share a common interest in speaking and to learn about their backgrounds and other interests.

As long as I am a member of Toastmasters, I will continue to visit other clubs.

I love to visit other Toastmasters clubs!


I love Toastmasters

I love Toastmasters.

I aspire to be a great public speaker in the near future and one of the best ways to do so is by joining Toastmasters.

For those unfamiliar to the organization, Toastmasters has self organized groups all over the world where one can learn and practice public speaking in a safe environment. One is positively encouraged and given constructive feedback by peers.

There are Toastmasters organizations all over the world where one can visit at no cost to learn more about how the meetings and organization function.

I love going to Toastmasters meetings, practicing speaking, encouraging others and spending time with positive people.

I love Toastmasters!


I love to learn about other cultures

I love to learn about other cultures.

I love to hear other people’s accents and learn about where they are from and what languages they speak. If I know a word or two in the language, I will usually try to say it.

Most people are pleasantly surprised that I even know one word and they normally smile and drop their defenses a little more.

My favorite way of experiencing or learning about other cultures is to be immersed in the culture preferably in the host country. I guess that is one of the reasons why I love to travel with my family.

I love to learn about other cultures!


I love to have conversations with people that high emotional intelligence

I love to have conversations with people that high emotional intelligence.

I love to speak with others that can empathize and are really interested in others. I love when I speak with others that “get” emotional intelligence and the benefits of having a high EQ. It is how good leaders become great! Here’s a quick video on the subject:

I love to have conversations with people that high emotional intelligence!


I love to practice public speaking

I love to practice public speaking.

I enjoy it because there is always room for improvement. I love to practice and receive constructive criticism.

It can be scary especially when in front of a large group of people but with practice it gets better. You get better.

I love to practice public speaking!


I love to praise others

I love to praise others.

I love when someone has done something well and I have the opportunity to thank them. I enjoy doing it because it is uplifting for the person receiving the praise and for me, too.

I enjoy being thanked and feel that praising others would give them the same feeling. The best part is that it costs nothing.

Quick verbal praise or a quick email with words of gratitude cost nothing, but they can have a great positive effect on the person receiving the praise. It can make them feel happier and by extension make others happier when they interact with the receiver of praise.

I love the positive rippling effect!

I love to praise others!

I love when someone takes my advice and it works out for them

I love when someone takes my advice and it works out for them.

I love when people come to me for help. I love to share tips and knowledge. I love it more when people actually listen. And I love it most when it works out for them.

I really enjoy helping others with potential issues they may be having. I try to help others see their situation from a different perspective and share thoughts and advice so that they are able to come a beneficial solution without burning bridges.

I love when someone takes my advice and it works out for them!

Things great speakers always do

Be personal, speak from experience, feel free to entertain as much as inform, be practical, connect with the audience, and never forget that shorter is always better than too long.

Source: Jeff Haden,

Seth’s Blog: Girl Scout cookies

“What’s your favorite kind of Girl Scout cookie?”

“Teaching young people to sell is a priceless gift. The confidence and clarity that comes from being able to engage and to cause a transaction is a trait that can pay off for a lifetime.”

via Seth’s Blog: Girl Scout cookies.

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And why we should raise entrepreneurs: