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I love to lie on the floor

I love to lie on the floor.

I love go for a long run and just lie on the floor and oftentimes fall asleep. I find the floor comfortable and easily fall asleep there.

It’s relaxing and enjoyable.

I used to teach basic yoga and after a session I normally ended with a relaxation and light meditation session where I ended on the floor lying down face up.

I would have relaxing music on and talk slowly to get everyone relaxed from toe to head. By the time I got to the head, several people were asleep.

I actually learned this when I was around 12 or 13 when I went to overnight summer camp near Houston, TX. I remember that one of camp counselors did the same thing for us.

It only happened once but it left a positive impression on me. I’m glad I have been able to share that with others.

My family can attest to the fact that I love to lie on the floor. My kids will tell me if they see me on the floor: “Oh, look, Pop is about to go to sleep.”

I love to lie on the floor!



I love to sweat

When I’m dripping with sweat, I feel bad ass.


I love to sweat.

This isn’t sweat, it’s liquid awesome!

I love to feel the first drop of sweat going down my face as I’m running or training. It means I’m working. I’m pushing myself a little harder.

Good things come to those who sweat.
No one has ever drowned in sweat. -Lou Holtz
Sweat is magic. Cover yourself in it daily to grant your wishes.


I love to wipe the sweat off of my eyebrows as the sweat starts to build up and get heavier.

I love to feel the first drop falling off my nose and onto the ground.

I love it when I stop running or training and I am dripping. It feels great because I know I have trained my body well.

You see sweat. I see a sexy glow.

I love to sweat!

how to NOT clog your ears while exercising

I was actually researching this earlier this week because for some reason my ears were clogged after exersing or running.

So I searched and searched and what I came across that sounded like the best shot was simply: breathing

I experimented and it worked.

Here’s a little background though. I’ve been practicing breathing through my nose while running for a couple of months now and also realized that I’ve been nose breathing often when doing push-ups. (These are my 2 main exercises that I do everyday without fail.)

I would inexplicably almost always have my ears clogged after some exercise. Now I know why…

I don’t think I was breathing enough.

So what’d I do? I started breathing more. Even to the point of exaggerating my breathing a little (through my mouth especially).

The result: no more clogged ears! YAY!

So in summary: Breath (enough) when you exercise. 🙂