What Marvin can do for your organization

Good day!

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself to you and my way of thinking. I will mention my leadership philosophy, what I bring to the company, what I am looking for in a company and what roles I can fill. (Ideally, I would make this introduction in person over lunch.)

My leadership philosophy

I am a servant leader. I believe in serving people by creating a safe environment for them to provide feedback and to speak up about problems and without fear of retribution.

I believe in getting to know people. I love to listen to people to learn more about them. By understanding them at a more personal level, I can know how to work with them better. I can know what drives them, what they are passionate about, what bores and irritates them and what their strengths are. I can then interact and communicate with them in the manner that works best for them.

One style does not work for everyone. I personalize my approach for each person to get the best out of our relationship. I understand that I am working with a whole person and not just the work facade. That means that I understand that they may have personal motivations and/or difficulties that may not be clearly articulated at work. I don’t go into the details if a person is not comfortable but I become aware of their circumstances and enable the organization and the person to work through the issues, especially if it is impacting their performance.

I also believe that coaching and teaching are vital to people including myself. I enjoy coaching and teaching others on technical as well as soft skills. We create a sustainable organization by developing potential leaders and among the best ways of doing that is through coaching and teaching.

As a leader and as a person, I love to learn. I will never stop. I can learn from anyone, whether it be how to do something or how not to. There is always the opportunity to learn from successes as well as from failure and mistakes.

What I bring to the company?

I bring passion. I bring a love of learning and teaching. I bring the desire and motivation to help develop others to achieve their maximum potential. I bring a love of serving our internal and external customers to the best of my ability. I bring the humility to know that I will not have all of the answers but can count on my resourcefulness and my team to discover them. I bring the ability to persist when times are rough coupled with the ability to develop and sustain a vision for a brighter future.

I bring the power of positive thought and the ability to relieve the organization of toxic thoughts which are detrimental to the organization. I strive to create a safe environment for everyone that I work with and create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere that enables collaboration and positive results for all parties involved.

What I want?

I want to work for a company that has a Stage 4 (“we’re great”) or Stage 5 (“life is great”) culture as defined in the book and the research behind Tribal Leadership. The company really values their people, where candor is a way of life, and where the leadership is committed to making a positive social impact on their people and their community. The organization’s leadership creates a safe environment for their people to speak openly and without fear of retribution.

I want to work for an organization where the values of the organization are not just marketing fluff, where the people of the organization live and breath the values and the executive leadership is the principal embodiment of those values.

What roles can I fill?

I can be a product leader leading a global team delivering a product to multinational client with the ability to easily speak with business leaders one minute and get into technical details the next minute.

I can also be a business leader creating an environment of achievement and enabling people to perform to the best of their ability and helping the organization become a leader in its category.

Now that you know a little about me, do I seem to be someone that you would like to speak with further?

If so, do you have the opportunity to speak this week?

If not, I understand. I will probably not be a fit in many organizations. That’s okay. Any feedback you could provide would be much appreciated.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Have a great day!

Marvin Corea


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