I love sunrises

I love sunrises.

I love nature so it’s only natural that I love sunrises.

There’s something special about the sun rising in the morning. The orange and yellow blend peeking over the horizon making its way higher into the sky.

The sun waking as one does, slowly but surely. Stretching its rays across the sky, getting ready to shine brightly through the day.

How awesome a sight to see!

I love sunrises!


I love when my kids hug each other

I love when my kids hug each other.

It brings me joy to see my kids together. I love when they show affection to each other. It warms my heart.

I feel that if they stay together and show affection to each other now, they will continue to do so in the future. They will be close.

I love to think about how they will be close together in the future.

I love when my kids hug each other!


I love my Army buddies

I love my Army buddies.

This past weekend, on my son’s birthday actually, I had the opportunity to have lunch with one of my first supervisor’s in the Army (and part of her family) while I was stationed in Corozal, Panama at 56th Signal Battalion.

She holds a special place in our hearts because she took my wife into her home when my wife was pregnant with my son (our first born) and I was in PLDC (Primary Leadership Development Course) training in Kentucky in preparation to become a sergeant at the time.

My supervisor practically ordered my wife to stay with her and I am glad she did.

No matter how many years have past, there will always be a special bond with my Army family.

I love my Army buddies!


I love my son, Marvin

I love my son, Marvin.

Today is his birthday! Happy Birthday my son!

I love that he is becoming a man. It is bittersweet because he is our first born. And as he grows and matures, he naturally becomes more independent. My consolation is that he is also becoming a productive member of society.

For that I am proud.

His future is bright and he has tremendous potential. I know he will do great things, if he chooses to.

I love that he also enjoys staying physically active and that he tries to take care of himself. I love that he is continuing to improve and learn more about himself.

It has been such a blessing to see him grow up. 🙂

I love my son, Marvin!


I love to run half-marathons

I love to run half-marathons.

Just to be clear, a half-marathon is 21 kilometers (13.1 miles) long. The full marathon is twice as much.

I really enjoy running in half-marathon races because it seems to be just the right distance to go without needing to eat anything.

I did my very first half-marathon in Panama with a time of 2:40 (2 hours and 30 minutes). It was pretty slow but the important thing is that I got it done.

I gradually improved as I was also losing weight and was able to do my fastest time a 3 or so years ago. I ran it in 1:40.

Since that time, I’ve gained some weight again and I am up to 2 hours again. I still have a lot of life in me and as I get to the big 4-0, I plan to beat my personal best.

I eventually want to break 1:30.

It’s entirely doable and it will happen! 🙂

I love to run half-marathons!


I love to be mentally ready for races

I love to be mentally ready for races.

I love to visualize how I will perform. I enjoy planning the race ahead of time in my mind.

I know I will finish. It is a matter of how strong I finish.

I love to be mentally ready for races!


I love to take pictures when the sun is setting

I love to take pictures when the sun is setting.

I love the glow of the sun on the clouds and the sky.
How it looks as if it’s slowly whispering to everyone a sad goodbye.
The natural and beautiful orange color in the sky.
I will forever love till the day I die.

I love to take pictures when the sun is setting!