I love to save turtles

I love to save turtles.

Today as we were returning from the gym and we were nearing home, my wife saw a turtle by the side of the street. She told me about it and I told her we needed to stop and move the turtle.

It looked like it was attempting to cross the street. I am very glad that she saw it in time because the turtle was right at the edge of the street. If it would have attempted to cross the street, it would have certainly meant death.

I grabbed the turtle by the shell. It was naturally scared so it attempted to urinate on me or so it seemed.

I carried it across the street and found a good place for it away from the street. It was still in its shell when we left. I imagine it waited a few minutes before it went on its merry way preferably away from the street.

It wasn’t the first time that I’ve carried a turtle across the street and I’m sure it won’t be the last. I don’t mind though. They have a right to live.

I love to save turtles!


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