I love to save turtles

I love to save turtles.

Today as we were returning from the gym and we were nearing home, my wife saw a turtle by the side of the street. She told me about it and I told her we needed to stop and move the turtle.

It looked like it was attempting to cross the street. I am very glad that she saw it in time because the turtle was right at the edge of the street. If it would have attempted to cross the street, it would have certainly meant death.

I grabbed the turtle by the shell. It was naturally scared so it attempted to urinate on me or so it seemed.

I carried it across the street and found a good place for it away from the street. It was still in its shell when we left. I imagine it waited a few minutes before it went on its merry way preferably away from the street.

It wasn’t the first time that I’ve carried a turtle across the street and I’m sure it won’t be the last. I don’t mind though. They have a right to live.

I love to save turtles!


I love to meet people in person that I first met on LinkedIn

I love to meet people in person that I first met on LinkedIn.

I enjoy placing a name and profile with a face. It is interesting to get to know a person beyond their profile, to understand them a little more personally.

I also enjoy it because then people also realize that I am a real person and I can share some of my personal story, too.

I love to meet people in person that I first met on LinkedIn!


I love to find interesting books in the library

I love to find interesting books in the library.

My oldest daughter and I went to the library today to find out about college grants available. As we were browsing, we came across the Global Student book. The back cover spoke to me:

In 2005, Maya Frost and her husband sold everything and left their suburban American lifestyle in order to have an adventure abroad. The tricky part: they had to shepherd their four teenage daughters through high school and into college. This hilarious and conspiratorial how-to handbook describes the affordable, accessible, and stunningly advantageous options they stumbled upon that any American student can leverage to get an outrageously relevant global education.

Needless to say, I checked it out. This is  exactly what I want to do. 🙂

I love to find interesting books in the library!


I love to see wildlife around our house

I love to see wildlife around our house.

Around our house, we have the privilege of seeing various wildlife including birds, lizards, snakes, frogs, raccoons, armadillos, possums and many kinds of insects. Our neighborhood has become their natural habitat since the houses were built in their forest.

I enjoy seeing them scurry around and and try to snap a picture if they hang around a little bit.

I am glad that we can share the space.

I love to see wildlife around our house!


I love to celebrate my birthday with my family

I love to celebrate my birthday with my family.

I love the love they show me. I love the birthday meals we enjoy together. I love when they sing happy birthday to me.

It brings me joy and general feeling of happiness.

What more can I ask for? I have it all with my family.

I love to celebrate my birthday with my family!


I love the cakes my wife makes for me

I love the cakes my wife makes for me.

Tomorrow is my birthday. My wife decided to make some special cakes for me for today and tomorrow. Today’s cake was a Tres Leches Cake. It was delicious.

I love how she is thoughtful and uses her awesome baking skills to make me something special.

I am excited to try tomorrow’s cake. It has guava (guayaba) in it!

I know it will be delicious!

I love the cakes my wife makes for me!


I love to speak with a career coach

I love to speak with a career coach.

I love to share my thoughts and career preferences with a coach. It is great to get unbiased opinions and suggestions from them.

I love to speak with a career coach!


I love sunrises

I love sunrises.

I love nature so it’s only natural that I love sunrises.

There’s something special about the sun rising in the morning. The orange and yellow blend peeking over the horizon making its way higher into the sky.

The sun waking as one does, slowly but surely. Stretching its rays across the sky, getting ready to shine brightly through the day.

How awesome a sight to see!

I love sunrises!


I love when my kids hug each other

I love when my kids hug each other.

It brings me joy to see my kids together. I love when they show affection to each other. It warms my heart.

I feel that if they stay together and show affection to each other now, they will continue to do so in the future. They will be close.

I love to think about how they will be close together in the future.

I love when my kids hug each other!


I love my Army buddies

I love my Army buddies.

This past weekend, on my son’s birthday actually, I had the opportunity to have lunch with one of my first supervisor’s in the Army (and part of her family) while I was stationed in Corozal, Panama at 56th Signal Battalion.

She holds a special place in our hearts because she took my wife into her home when my wife was pregnant with my son (our first born) and I was in PLDC (Primary Leadership Development Course) training in Kentucky in preparation to become a sergeant at the time.

My supervisor practically ordered my wife to stay with her and I am glad she did.

No matter how many years have past, there will always be a special bond with my Army family.

I love my Army buddies!