I love to be persistent

I love to be persistent.

Why? Persistence pays off.

I love the challenge of being told no or that something is too difficult to do.

Oftentimes, all that is needed is to ask again or ask the right people. After asking the right person, it may still take a little persistence to get to a desired action. That’s why tact is always important.

I naturally and always treat others with dignity and respect. It’s genuine. Not simply as a strategy. Most people will see through insincerity. But they will consider a sincere request if it is within their power.

I love finding a way where there was supposedly none before. It’s like one of those old toy cars that run into a wall and then turn around and go in another direction until they can move forward.

I love to get something that I want especially when it benefits others that are not able or willing to speak up.

I love to be persistent!

I love to play in rivers

I love to play in rivers.


I love the clear, fresh water. I love to splash around with my kids in the water and play water games like Marco Polo, monkey in the middle and tag.

I love the initial cold of the water when I put my foot in. I love jumping in all at once and feeling the cold rush and then getting used to it.

I love the natural surroundings, the grass, the trees, the rocks, the animals, and the sounds.

I love to play in rivers!

I love to learn from others

I love to learn from others.

Everyone has unique experiences. Unique experiences that I have not been through. I love to learn from those experiences.

I love to ask people questions to find out their story. I listenĀ and learn from them.

I love to learn from others!


I love to find good deals

I love to find good deals.

I love to find discounts. I love not paying retail especially since we are a family of 6 and any discounts I find make a bit of a difference for all of us.

I will gladly promote the places and the discounts that I find. It’s a fair exchange since they get discounted advertising and I get discounted deals.

I love to find good deals!

I love to contribute to a good cause

I love to contribute to a good cause.

I love to contribute not just money but time as well.

In Panama, there was a nonprofit group called FANLYC, the Foundation of Friends of Children with Leukemia and Cancer, which annually hostedĀ a big event called the 24 hour Relay for Life. Companies normally sponsor their employees and family members and friends to a point. Each lap that was completed contributed additional funds to the foundation.

There was a small group of us runners that wanted to go the extra mile and a bit more (literally). So the Ultra Amigos was formed.

Our goal was to stay out at the event the entire time and to get the maximum number of laps and hence contribute more to the foundation through the companies that were sponsoring us.

I loved that experience of doing something I love, running, and contributing to a greater cause.

I love to contribute to a good cause!

I love streaks

I love streaks.

I’m currently on streaks with running and language learning. I started my running streak on January 1st, 2012 and my language learning streak started in December 2013.

After a certain time, the streak takes in a life of its own and must be continued. That’s why I love streaks.

I love having the obligation of continuing something that is beneficial for me and streaking does that for me.

I almost forgot. I also started another streak this year: my writing steak

I started on March 1st, 2015 and have written every day since. I love it!

I love streaks!