I love to be positive

I love to be positive.train-your-mind-to-see-the-positive-in-every-situation

I love to look at the better side of situations. I love to see the opportunities where there are difficulties.

Dwelling on the negative serves no purpose. I would rather use my energy to positively affect a situation if I can have an impact. Otherwise, if for some reason, I do not have direct or indirect control over a situation and I am not able to affect change, then I don’t worry about it.

I change my perspective. I deal with it. I change my attitude or try to get out of the negative situation. If all else fails, I always have my you-decide-to-be-angryfamily to reflect on and know that I am blessed.

Having said that, one of the primary environments that should the most positive is the home life. It takes some effort to make it a positive environment if it already isn’t, but it is well worth it. The good thing is that your effort is the primary ingredient needed to make your home environment positive.

You have to be positive and patient especially if your home environment has largely been negative in the past. The negative environment was not created in a day so it may be tough to reverse but not impossible. It is worth the effort. Try it.

Join the movement!

And say:

I love to be positive!


I love Spongebob

I love to watch Spongebob.

This is what I love about Spongebob, he:

-has a job that he loves.
-is a young adult that acts like a kid.
-is loyal.
-loves his pet.
-has good friends.
-is a positive influence on others.
-is generally a happy guy.

Another reason that I love Spongebob is because I identify with him at certain levels. I see myself in him.

I will expand on each item above in future posts. Just know for now that…

I love Spongebob!

I love to listen to audio books

I love to listen to audio books.

I love to listen to them in the car on the commute to and from work.

I love to listen to biographies, like Mandela’s Way, and books about leadership, management, personal development and other organizational behavior books. Some of my favorite have been:

  • Delivering Happiness
  • Good Boss, Bad Boss
  • Go Put your Strengths to Work

I love to take advantage of the commute time and learn new things or reinforce ideas that I already know.

I love when the authors give concrete examples of how to implement some idea presented.

I love to listen to audio books!

I love to eat home-cooked meals

I love to eat home-cooked meals.

I love to taste the more natural flavor of a home cooked meal. I love that you have full control of the flavor.

I love that you can experiment.

I love that we can make international dishes at a fraction of the cost of the same meal at a restaurant.

I love it when Ana finds interesting recipes and tries them out. I will gladly be the guinea pig.

I love to eat home-cooked meals!

I love to organize networking lunches

I love to organize networking lunches.

I love to invite everyone in the office and see who accepts and declines the invitation. I love to see the names of new people that have accepted my invitation and make a mental note of who I would like to meet at the lunch.

I love to receive reply emails from previous attendees saying that they are not available but to keep them posted of future events. It shows that they value the events. I love that.

At the lunch, I love the energy. I love the interactions between people who have never met before. I love to see people asking genuine questions of others and showing interest in others.

Naturally, I love to participate as well especially since I love to meet new people. I always feel energized.

I love to organize networking lunches!

I love when someone introduces themselves to me

I love when someone introduces themselves to me.

I love to meet new people so this is perfect for me. I know that for many people (including me) it takes courage to introduce themselves to another person. I appreciate that.

I do try to make it easy for others by generally smiling at everyone and greeting anyone that looks at me. I like to make myself as approachable as possible to allow these types of interactions. It is still a rare occasion so I am happy to experience it when someone does introduce themselves to me.

I love when someone introduces themselves to me!

I love to drive around a city I haven’t been to before

I love to drive around a city I haven’t been to before.

I love to explore a city by car just to see the sights from outside especially when my time is limited.

I love to stop to take pictures of interesting sights.

I love to people watch and wonder with my wife what they might be doing or thinking.

I love to drive around a city I haven’t been to before!

I love to go to the beach

I love to go to the beach.

I love the sand. I love to run in sand and feel the sand between my toes.

I love to dig in the sand and make holes and miniature sand castles.

I love to play in the water with my family. I love the waves and love it when the waves crash on us. I love to try to ride the waves if they are big enough.

I love the sound of the ocean.

I love the ocean breeze and the cool water. I love to float in the water, look up at the sky and observe the clouds passing by.

I love the warmth of the sun.

I love seeing the horizon where the water meets the sky. I love seeing the sunset. I love how the sky changes colors as the sun sets. Its natural beauty! Calm and peaceful.

I love to go to the beach!

I love to meet friendly neighbors

I love to meet friendly neighbors.

I love to walk around the neighborhood and greet and be greeted by neighbors with a smile. I love to small talk with them and find out a little about them.

I love to share knowledge about the local area, kids and other common topics of interest.

I love to meet friendly neighbors!

I love to learn about successful companies

I love to learn about successful companies.

I love to gain insight from other companies’ experiences and learn what has worked for them and what has not.

I love to read and listen to stories about companies and how they got to where they are.

I love to learn about the leaders that lead these successful organizations. I love to know what they are doing differently from the rest so that I may emulate some of it.

I love to learn about successful companies!