I love to watch motivational videos and speakers

I love to watch motivational videos and speakers.

I love the ideas that come to mind as I listen and watch. I love to hear others perspectives. I love to listen to their stories because stories are simply more memorable. They are easier to remember and easier to retell. You can remember details where you normally would not if only the facts were shared.

Oftentimes, I have previously heard some of the tips that the speaker is sharing, but I like to revisit them often just to brand the information in my brain.

The more I hear it, the more embedded it stays in mind. And when I am ready to use it, it is there. I know it because I have heard it so many times before. It is just a matter of putting the thoughts to action.

I love to watch motivational videos and speakers!


The Five Phrases That Can Change Your Life

I love to read leadership books

I love to read leadership books.

I love to learn about great leaders and what they have done correctly, the mistakes they have made and how they have overcome challenges.

I love to read and hear stories about what good and bad leaders have done in different situations.

I love to learn from the positive and implement those ideas and principles as much as possible. I also love to learn the negative so I can avoid the pitfalls as much as possible.

I love to experiment with what I have learned in the real world. I love to see when it works, when I can put theory into practice.

I love to read leadership books!

Think about what might go wrong to get the design right

When we think about what might go wrong, we’re more likely to design something that goes right.

Seth Godin

This is true for designing websites and designing watches and cars. The delicate balance is to be able to do it with scope. If you look at




that could go wrong, you’ll never implement.

Know what problem you’re trying to solve and solve it.

I love to eat dinner at home with my family

I love to eat dinner at home with my family.

I love to share a meal at home. I love chatting with the family about the day, sometimes about serious things and oftentimes about silly things.

I love to laugh together with the family at the table. We are in our own world, in our own cocoon, protected from the outside world where we can speak freely and be ourselves with each other.

I enjoy this time because I know sooner or later our kids will come to a point where they will no longer be at home. They will have their own lives with their own families. They will then experience the happiness that I feel now as a parent.

Time flies and I always need to remind myself to appreciate these special moments.

I love to eat dinner at home with my family!

I love to go out together with my family

I love to go out together with my family.

I love it whether it be a short trip or a long trip.

I love the short errand trips to the supermarket where we sometimes play in the aisles of the supermarket, sometimes getting involved in impromptu games of tag or hide and seek.

Sometimes my girls and I get to hearing a song in the store and start singing it. Sometimes we’ll dance in the aisles. We have been to Latin American grocery stores where salsa and merengue  are playing and we’ll do a quick dance in the aisles.

Sometimes we may go to a general store like Wal-Mart or Target and find the pool noodles or foam swords and play out a fighting scene. I love the moments.

I also love the moments in the car when we are listening to music (and if I’m driving, it’s normally electronica or house) we hear a song that we all start singing and dancing to.

I love to go out together with my family!

I love Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

I love Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

I love the rawness of it. I love that it is like a chess match. Any change of position can change a match for either opponent.

I love to practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I love the challenge of going against an opponent and trying my best to defend against submissions. I love escaping potential submissions.

I love going on offense and trying to defeat opponents.

I love Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

photo credit: “GABRIEL VELLA vs ROMINHO 51” by © John Lamonica. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

I love to eat food from other countries

I love to eat food from other countries.mofongo

I love to try new foods that I have never tasted before. I love to try out of the ordinary dishes or dishes with interesting ingredients.

I love tasting new flavors. I love when we go out as a family and all get something different. I enjoy tasting the different foods that everyone else gets.

I love going to restaurants whose owners are from different countries. I love when they bring their own unique style to the food.

If I can eat the food from another country in that country itself, it’s even better!

I love to eat food from other countries!