I love to share ideas


I love to share ideas.

I love to speak with others about how things can be improved. I love the collaboration. I love the feeling that we are working on doing something to improve ourselves or our organizations.

I love to discuss and develop the ideas into something that can come to fruition. I love to take action on the ideas. I love to work with colleagues to implement those ideas.

I love to share ideas!

I love to challenge others

I love to challenge others.

I love to help others step out of their comfort zone. I love helping others push their limits.

I love seeing others surpass their limits. I love knowing that I made a little difference to help them get there.
I am proud and happy for them. I love knowing that their life will be a little better.

I love knowing that they will have more confidence to face more challenges in the future. I know they will be up to the challenges they face.

I will be happy for them even if I don’t specifically help them in a future challenge. It will still be fulfilling.

I love to challenge others!

I love to watch movies with my family


I love to watch movies with my family.

I love to take in a family movie matinee with the family. I love buying a big tub or two of popcorn and sharing it with the rest of the family.

I love watching animated movies with a good story that have a moral to them. I love sharing a moment with my wife and kids when there is an especially sad or happy part of the story. You know the parts where your eyes are almost watering.

I love laughing out loud with them (or sometimes by myself) when there is a particularly comical part.

I love discussing who the favorite characters are, what the best parts of the movie are and if there may be a sequel.

I love reading through the credits with my kids to see interesting names.

I love to watch movies with my family!

I love to learn about new technologies

I love to learn about new technologies.

I love the amazing and innovative things that people create. Some things that I would have never thought of and some things I would think: why didn’t I think of that?

I love cool new gadgets. I love playing and experimenting with them.

I love having the cool new gadget that no one has yet. I love to be cutting edge as much as possible.

I love to learn about new technologies!

I love to sleep


I love to sleep.

I love to go to bed and lay my head on the pillow and fall asleep. I normally take little time to fall asleep. If I don’t immediately fall asleep, I take deep breaths and when I exhale, I count very slowly. I usually fall asleep before I reach ten or twenty.

I love the feeling of getting into bed, finding the best position, getting settled and relaxing.

I love finding the perfect spot for my head on my pillow and letting it settle in.

I love feeling the covers on me.

I love that my wife is right next to me. Just her presence is comforting.

I love the peacefulness of sleep and how rejuvenated I feel after sleeping.

I love to sleep.

I love to show people how to differentiate themselves


I love to show people how to differentiate themselves.

I love sharing past experiences and what has worked for me.

I love sharing what I look for in people when interviewing. I love when they show real interest and play close attention. For reference, here is some of what I tell most:

Be interesting and interested. Challenge yourself. Always be learning. Do not be satisfied with only the material you learned in school. I will pay a lot of attention to what work you do outside of school. What are you doing independently without someone telling you to do it?

That will lead me to your passions, what you are most interested in. For some, it may not necessarily be technology. That’s OK. Be yourself. Be natural.

Do not try to be someone you are not. Do show your uniqueness.

Ask yourself: Why should I want to work with you?

I love when they tell me that they have applied my suggestions and thank me for the insight. This is very fulfilling.

And I love when I see someone that has implemented my suggestions and then I see that they have started working for my company.

I love to show people how to differentiate themselves!


I love to help my kids with their homework

I love to help my kids with their homework.keep-calm-and-do-your-homework-252

I love that they come and ask me for help. I love the questions and the interaction.

I love the trust they have in me to help them. I love when I guide them and help them figure out the answer without me telling them exactly what to do.

I love the pride they feel when they have fixed any errors with my help.

I love when I sometimes have to learn the subject matter before I explain it because I don’t know the answer.

I love to help my kids with their homework!

I love to buy food for others

I love to buy food for others.

I love to treat others to lunch. I enjoy spending time with others learning more about them and there are few better ways to do it better than lunch.

Others tend to open up a little more. I love being able to find out more about them personally.

I love finding out what others enjoy eating. It says a little about them and their interests and can lead to deeper conversations.

I love to see the smile on people’s faces when I offer them a treat with no strings attached.

I love to buy food for others!

I love to inspire others

I love to inspire others.because-of-you-i-didn't-give up

I love when someone tells me that I have motivated or inspired them to do something that was out of their comfort zone and of benefit to them.

I believe that one of my purposes is to help others and if I am able to do so by inspiring others to action, then all the better. I love that I can have to make a difference in someone’s life and potentially make a greater contribution to the world itself.

I love when I can inspire others to get physically active or push themselves beyond their physical limits. I love that I may have been the inspiration for others to take up running, first to get fit and then as a hobby.

I love when I can inspire others to challenge themselves in their personal or professional lives as well. I love to encourage others to speak up and get out of their comfort zone for something they really want.


Little by little the world can improve and I love to think that I am making a contribution, however small it may be.

I love to inspire others!

I love to visit new places


I love to visit new places.

I love the excitement of seeing a new place I’ve never been to before especially when I can share the experience with loved ones.

I love taking pictures of those places and sharing them so that years from now I can reflect back on the experience and remember how much we enjoyed it.

I love visiting new places in the United States, in Central and South America, in Europe and in Asia. I anxiously await the time when we will first visit Africa and Oceania.

I love to visit new places!