motivation – a response to Peter’s blog post ->When the Problem is You… | Peter Shankman

This is my blog comment to When the Problem is You… by Peter Shankman.

I’ve been at 215 and dropped to 155 and have been there ever since 2010. got the T-Shirt..

I know what’s like to be overweight.

The thing to going down and staying down (and healthy) is the mindset.



I didn’t decide I didn’t want to be overweight anymore. I just decided that I wanted to be more physically active. I started in 2009 by running and was at my current weight more or less in one year.

And this year I added a consecutive days streak.

I’ve run every single day this year. (oftentimes just 1 mile, but the most being 111Km over 24 hours.)


Because I want to.

And now that I have over 300 consecutive days running, I will not stop. I won’t let laziness stop me. No way.

It is true. You make time for what’s important to you. I do it when my kids (and oftentimes my wife) are asleep. I do it at our gym in Panama.

If you want a little extra motivation, sign up for the most expensive  Ironman in 6 months or a half Iron (or marathon) in 3 months. Remember how good it felt to accomplish the first time.

That should give you a jumpstart.