What to do in Panama City, Panama?

well, it depends…

What do you like doing?

Do you want to get to know the city, nature or both?

Here’s some suggestions:

Must see places (more tourist-oriented) include:

  • The Panama Canal, of course
  • Panama Viejo
  • Casco Viejo
  • Biomuseo – The only Frank Gehry-designed museum in Latin America – It is not finished yet (2012), but you can tour the construction area.
  • The malls: Multiplaza (high end), Multicentro (high end), Albrook Mall (all ends), Metro Mall (all ends), and the new Westland Mall (in Arraijan, about 30 minutes away from the city)
  • Other shopping centers: El Dorado Mall is another smaller mall option, Los Andes, Los Pueblos (across the street from Metro Mall)
  • If you want real deals and a more Panamanian experience, go to any place where you see many Panamanians going to, like Saks, Titan, Costo
  • To get a feel for how many Panamanians shop, you can visit Avenida Central (Central Avenue) and La Gran Estacion (The Grand Station) de San Miguelito

Outdoors in the City

  • Parque Metropolitano (Metropolitan Park), Parque Soberania – An interesting fact is that Panama City is the only capital city with jungles in it.
  • Cinta Costera and Causeway de Amador – great places to walk, run, and bike
  • Parque Omar – nice central park where you can walk and run

Near the water

  • There are many beaches within an hour and a half of the city. Veracruz is the closest, but some advise not to swim there. However, I have swam there before without a problem. On the Pacific Side, there are Gorgona, Coronado, Palmar, Punta Chame, San Carlos, Riomar, Corona, Santa Clara and Playa Blanca to name a few. On the Atlantic side, you can visit Portobelo and Isla Grande.
  • For island visits, the closest ones on the Pacific side are Taboga and Contadora. If you visit Taboga, make sure to check my friend, Cynthia’s B&B, B&B Hotel Cerrito Tropical. Make sure to tell her Marvin sent you. 🙂


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This is just the beginning. I’ll probably be updating it later. If you have specific questions, feel free to email me marvin-at-burnedit-dot-com.