Replying to Ericka’s Blog post about Born to Run

enjoyable post, Ericka!

(I decided to post my reply. Hope you don’t mind. 🙂

To answer your questions:

-Did you read “Born to Run?”
I have not.

-What do you think about barefoot running? I REALLY want to know!
I’ve been running barefoot for 2 years now. Totally enjoyable. I really don’t like having anything on my feet when I run except maybe when running or walking on rocks. But the feeling after walking or jogging on rocks actually is great. Like my feet have just be massaged.


-Did reading this book make you want to do an ultra?
Haven’t read the book, but would love to do more ultras.

-Did you change anything about your running lifestyle after reading it? If so, please explain!
I actually changed my running style through self-experimentation and reading on BFT’s huarache forum. Basically, if it hurts, change something so that it doesn’t hurt. 🙂 Listen to your body…